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The Program Includes:
  • 15 Hours of content
  • Certificate of completion
  • Workbook guide
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  • Customer support
  • Audio teaching of the networking and planning chapters
  • Keynote presentation audio

I am excited to offer you an educational initiative that will help transform the lives of your students. The Pursuit Program was established in 2013 to help students focus on career preparation, leadership and life skills. This concept evolved into an online program in 2019 to help enhance the learning environment of students so they are able to work at their own pace and excel.

I understand the importance of student engagement so I created a platform that provides an opportunity for each student to thrive in an authentic setting and take ownership of their individual performance, as it impacts the overall success of their education. My ultimate vision is to help students find a sense of purpose, which is often lost in the traditional classroom.

The Pursuit Program has partnered with the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit (WIU) to assist schools in the implementation process of the online program and help explain the program in detail. This guide provides an overview of the program so you can begin your journey towards having a career-ready focus for your students. I hope that you find as much value in this program as I do!

Wesley A. Lyons
Founder, The Pursuit Program

The demand for more future-ready experiences in our education system continues to grow. Through The Pursuit Online Course, students will be immersed in an engaging career readiness curriculum, while developing the necessary skill sets to succeed in post-secondary education. This framework ensures that all students have access to high-quality learning experiences that will help as they prepare for a career.

The Pursuit Online Course creates an environment for the active, visual learner to enhance their education and improve their overall learning experience to become future-ready. The platform also introduces students to authentic strategies through practical learning activities that helps to develop their career awareness, comprehension skills and abilities, which can be used for either a professional pathway or a continuing education alternative.


Where classrooms shift into developing career-ready students, resulting in the following:

  1. Develop a sense of purpose
  2. Career planning
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Career preparation and advancement


Students will have a clearer vision on their post-secondary plans.


Transform students by providing support and information to enhance learning experiences and improve behavioral development.


The Pursuit Online Course is a life changing program that empowers the youth to develop a sense of purpose.


The Pursuit Online Course is designed to enhance the student's educational experience. This includes preparing them for academic success by developing their career, education, and work standards, while working on their decision-making skills, improving their writing and communication skills, and keeping them engaged and invested in learning.

  • Lessons that include an objective, an activity, and an assessment to ensure that the student understands each topic.
  • Establish a core curriculum in a relevant and purposeful manner to promote real-life experiences.
  • Incorporate career-ready skill sets
  • Provide students with the necessary tools to make better choices independent of school/work; including their personal lives and community environment
  1. Career Management – Identifying one's skills, knowledge, gifts, and experiences relevant to students' career goals
  2. Work Ethic – Demonstrating effective work habits
  3. Problem Solving – Demonstrate ways to solve problems and make the best decisions
  4. Leadership – Identifying qualities of a leader
  5. Networking – Understanding the importance of making connections for career advancement
  6. Time Management – Identifying strategies to be more effective with managing time
  7. Communication – Identifying ways to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly

There are five chapters throughout the course. Each chapter includes a specific section of topics throughout the chapter. Below is an outline of the chapters:

Real World
 – What it means to make yourself valuable to create opportunities

  • What's your why?
  • What is your purpose?
Planning for the Future
 – Develop a plan to start focus on a career of success
  • Goals
  • Visions
 – Connecting with people to create opportunity
  • 3 step networking process
  • Credibility
The Value of Education 
 – Understand post-secondary options
  • Budgeting based off your finance
  • College
  • Time Management
  • Job vs Career
 – Understanding the meaning of success
  • Decision-making
  • Money Management
  • Habits

"The Pursuit Program has been in our district for several years and the support provided has been insurmountable for our students"

- Dr. Aaron Johnson
Principal, Steel Valley School District


Students will be provided a digital community to go through The Pursuit Program curriculum online. The following steps will assist administrators in implementing the program.

  1. Confirmation of purchase provides the school access to 100 spaces available in the online course
  2. The administrator will create an account and distribute the account information to all of the students who are selected to participate in the online course
  3. Log-in and begin your career-ready journey
  1. How does The Pursuit Online Course fit into the school day?
    • The Pursuit Online Course is a curriculum that can fit within any classroom to help enhance the learning experience. This can be integrated into health class, study hall, or any career learning class by designating time during the school day. Administrators must take ownership of the initiative and help create a learning environment.
  2. How much does it cost to implement The Pursuit Online Course?
    • The cost varies dependent upon the number of students participating, which can be covered through certain grants that are provided to local school districts.
  3. Who do I contact if I need technical support?
  4. Are there any technical restraints using The Pursuit Online Course?
    • No. The Pursuit Online Course is conducive to all PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and web browsers.

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